This winter's funnest activity challenge

Challenge period: February 8 – March 13

Want a fun and engaging challenge to keep you active this winter? Join Tappa's winter campaign!

The hike from Ystad to Haparanda lasts 5 weeks and is guaranteed to kick-start the year! On a virtual map you will see the progress of each step recorded and will be able to follow your progress. A little more activity in everyday life can bring great benefits for both physical and mental health. With bonus missions, an app to record steps and activity, as well as full support throughout the campaign, we motivate each other to an active start to 2024.

Challenge information

35 days
Route information
Bonus challenges
Full support


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This is how it works

Reach the goal

The goal is to maintain a daily average of 10,000 steps throughout the entire competition period. All steps taken and any activity logged contribute to your step average. Your steps are automatically transferred through our app, and you can easily register other activities in the activity table. For example, 30 minutes of cycling equals 3,900 steps. You can integrate your wearables directly via or Apple Health and Google Fitness.


In addition to registering all your physical activity, you can get extra steps by accepting different challenges. The challenges are designed to motivate you towards an active and sustainable daily routine. Give positive feedback to a colleague or take a lunchtime walk — every challenge brings you one step closer to the goal.


The more the merrier! Create teams and challenge each other. We recommend teams of 2-8 people. Are you more than 8 people? Create more teams! Together you will work to reach the goal in time.

Follow your progress

Track your individual and team success on the virtual map with exciting stops along the way. At each stop, you'll receive interesting information about the city. By logging all your activities, you'll progress toward the goal. You'll also be able to monitor your success on leaderboards.

How to register your activity

The goal is to reach an activity level of 10,000 steps a day and all activities counts! You can easily register all activity directly in the app and on the web.

The Tappa app
Activity table

Download the Tappa app:


Integrated with:

Fitbit, Polar & Garmin


Prizes will be drawn weekly among all who manage to maintain a step average of 10,000 or more during the course of the competition. We administer everything around the competition with motivational updates, prizes and support. All you need to do is sign up and we'll take care of the rest.

The easiest enrolment!

Do you want to participate, but don't know how many people will be joining? Now you can open a startcode for all your employees, but only pay for those who actually participate. Fill out the form below and we'll open your registration and send you marketing materials!

Formuläret kunde inte laddas in korrekt! Kontakta istället.

How to get started

Make a joint registration for your workplace and receive a start code via e-mail.
Download Tappa's app, create a profile and enter the start code or enter the start code at and create a profile.
Start walking, cycling or register the activity that suits you best!

Challenge information

35 days
Route information
Bonus challenges
Full support


per participant excl. VAT Join here!
If you have questions about how the step average works, where you can download the app or how to integrate your wearables, you will find the answers to our most common questions here...