FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The goal is to keep a step average of 10,000. Which means that one day you can, for example, walk 8,000 steps, the next day walk 12,000 steps and then land on a step average of 10,000.

  • The step average for the individual is calculated on the total amount of steps / number of full days that the challenge has been running.
  • The step average for the team is calculated on the team's total amount of steps / number of team members / number of full days that the challenge has been running.

Absolutely, if you forgot your password, you can easily reset it here...

Integrate your Fitbit, Polar or Garmin?

To integrate, you must have a Fitbit / Polar / Garmin account. Then follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Tappa account on our website www.tappa.se. The integration must be done via the web.
  2. When logged in, click on "Me" and then "Integrations".
  3. Follow the instructions on the page to integrate your Fitbit / Polar / Garmin profile with your Tappa profile
Other activity bracelets

If the activity bracelet can be linked to Apple Health or Google Fitness, it can be used in a step and activity competition with Tappa.

If you have created more than one account, you are welcome to contact us at info@tappa.se and we will help you find out which account you want to keep.

It has probably been used more times than the signup refers to. Usually, someone has used it more than once. Contact us at info@tappa.se with which start code it regards and we will help you further.

To get as representative step average as possible, we recommend that you read our explanations of the different levels of intensity before you register these in the activity table.

  • Low intensity:
    Corresponds to activities that cause a normal heart rate. For example, a quiet walk.
  • Medium intensity:
    Corresponds to activities that result in a higher heart rate than a resting heart rate. For example, a powerwalk.
  • High intensity:
    Corresponds to activities that cause a high heart rate. For example, running.
  • Interval:
    Switching between high and low intensity. It can be walking, running or cycling. Working periods: 85-95% of maximum heart rate and active rest: 70% of maximum heart rate.

All activities count at Tappa. In our activity table you will find most activities. You register which activity, how long you have performed it and sometimes intensity. Then your activity is converted into steps that are included in your step average. The activity table is based on calorie burning per minute for an average person.

First check that you have joined the challenge. This is usually done by entering your start code once. If you are still not visible, it is a good idea to double-check that you have not created your own team or are part of another. You can only be part of a team.

You can download the app in the App Store or in Google Play. It works on iPhone (5s or later) and on most Android phones.

Download on App Store Get it on Google Play

Everything counts in steps during the campaign, and the sum of everything you do during the day should exceed 10,000 steps. If you register an activity in the activity table, it is automatically converted to steps.

Of course, you can use a manual pedometer or integrate your Fitbit, Polar or Garmin. You can also use activity bracelets that can be linked to Apple Health or Google Fitness. If you measure your activity or steps in a different way, you can always report your steps manually in our app.

Sí, selvfølgelig, natürlich! We are available in all Scandinavian languages, German, English and Spanish.

You choose exactly how you want to participate, alone, with colleagues, family members, friends or why not bring the dog out for more walks? The choice is yours! We think that the more the merrier!

Increasing your activity level gives you many health benefits. You burn calories, you get smarter, it's good for the heart and several other health benefits.
We are recommended at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week at a moderate pace. Which means, for example, a walk where you keep a fast pace of about 4-5 km / h.

Absolutely, you can divide into teams inside the portal. We recommend teams of 2-8 people. Are there more of you who want to participate together? Create more teams, the more the merrier!

Immediately after you have made a sign up, you will receive two emails from us. One is a confirmation email that summarizes your order. The second is an email with your start code and instructions on how to create your accounts. Everyone who is supposed to participate must use the start code to create their personal account. The email can therefore be forwarded with advantage.