Here's everything you need to know about the Tappa app!

With the Tappa app, it is easy for you to get an overview of your steps and activities - all to motivate you to your personal activity goal. The built-in pedometer automatically transfers your steps to your current activity competition and works on iPhone (5s and later) as well as on most Android phones.

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How the Tappa app works

Tappa app - Create account
Create an account

Don´t have an account since before? Then you can create one directly in our app. Tap on "Log in / create account", tap on "Create account" and fill in your information.

Tappa app - Join competition
Join a competition

Tap on "Competitions" in the menu to enter your start code. Then the competition will appear on the same page.

Tappa app - Send messages
Send messages

To motivate your teammates with a message, tap on the symbol in the right corner.

Tappa app - Me

"Me" is your homepage and personal profile that shows your current step average.

Tappa app - My progress
My progress

Under "My progress" you have an overview of your daily step average and a chart that shows your step average over time. Here you can also go back to see previous results.

Tappa app - Activities

Here you can register all steps, activities, challenges, and sick days. Choose which day and then tap on "Report".

Tappa app - Statistics

Get an overview of your own success, your team or department with charts and statistics. In the team overview, you can see a summary of your team and each team member's average. You can also create teams inside the app and add or remove team members.

Tappa app - Competitions

Participate in a new competition or get a full overview of your active competitions. See your success in the competition's virtual map, statistics, teams, departments and leader boards.

Tappa app - Settings

Synchronization, Home profile and pedometer can be changed here.

How to create teams in the app

1. Select "Competitions" in the menu at the bottom.

2. Go to “Competition ".

3. Scroll down, under "My team" tap "Create new team”.

4. Select a team name and tap "Save".

5. Search for members and add to the team.

6. To make adjustments or add members afterwards, press "Manage team".